Journey to Ithaca

Poetry has inspired the minds and hearts of millions for centuries. Most of us can recall a moment when the power of the written word caused us to take pause and reflect, moved us to see the world in a broader context, or uplifted us out of sadness or despair and gently placed our feet on peaceful ground. It is often through poetry that life takes on a myriad of textures and colors, and we are empowered to live beyond the ridged borders we can find ourselves being stifled by.

sailboat-moonA Journey to Ithaca is a 2-part workshop uniquely designed to give the shape and feel of embarking on a voyage towards greater knowledge. During this special event, Kapria will use C.P Cavafy’s poem “Ithaka” as a tool to assist you in discovering what is needed to successfully navigate through life, and how to arrive at continuous moments of fulfilled living. At the conclusion of this workshop, you will have your own personal map of an inner destination of your choosing, along with key steps you can take to achieve your aims.

Instructor: Kapria White
As a writer and lover of the arts, Kapria has spent several years using her words, and the words of others, as a way to connect society with the elements of life that are expansive, thought provoking and transformative.

When: 2018 dates announced soon
Where: The Global Classroom (Teleconference or Video Conference)

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