Ingredients for Lasting Change

Most people can list the things that they don’t like about themselves or their lives with little to no effort. Dissatisfaction and unhappiness, lacking any kind of timidity or bashfulness, freely take up vast amounts of mental and emotional energy, like weeds, when given the space to do so.

Desire and longing for something different, whether it’s a new way of being, living, or experiencing relationships, are powerful energies; change is born out of the desire for change. Yet, just as a garden doesn’t grow from a gardener’s desire for flowers, fruits and vegetables alone, such is the case for achieving the kind of change that lasts. Like gardening, it takes a number of ingredients to grow a new inner and outer landscape, and there are steps that are necessary to tend to our “inner garden” so that it stays vibrant and life-giving year after year.

buddingplantsThe Ingredients for Lasting Change Workshop is a metaphorical trip to a garden nursery where you will discover what you need in order to grow and develop the kind of life you desire most, allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your labor throughout the many seasons of your life.

When: 2018 dates announced soon
Where: The Global Classroom (Teleconference or Video Conference)

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