A Dose of Inspiration

Inspiration is one of the most powerful forces we have available to us whenever we want to achieve a dream, heal, pay attention to ourselves and our lives; as well as feeling positive about who we are and the world we live in. In my opinion, as a society we can benefit from having more places that we can go to in order to tap into the aspects of Life and the human spirit that are inspiring. That is why I created “A Dose of Inspiration” on this site so that I can share with you what inspires me.

Dr. Maya Angelou, in my eyes, is one of the most gifted and eloquent teachers, poets, artists and activists I have ever come across. Her words and life story have impacted me greatly, and she has inspired me throughout my life. Her passing in 2014 was deeply felt by me and by millions of others around the world, yet her words live on and they continue to change and inspire those who come across them. Below is an excerpt from her appearance on Oprah’s series Master Class.

“Love Liberates”