À la Carte Workshops

If the M’Power, Inc Courses are the entrees, the À la Carte Workshops are the appetizers and the side dishes.
Different times and phases of life call for different things. Sometimes we need a course that walks us through a particular area of focus for a sold length of time, and sometimes we need a workshop to give us a boost, or help us explore our level of readiness before making a more long term commitment.

There are also times when we can benefit from additional learning opportunities that supplement our focused course of healing and development, like a delicious handful of trail mix during a long hike.

Each workshop is designed to support you wherever you are on your life path; take your pick.

Winter 2018 Global Classrom Workshop Menu

Ingredients for Lasting Change
Journey to Ithaca
***Sacred Xocolatl (co-sponsored with The Ata Mōra Institute) click HERE for additional info on the AMI website.

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