The M’Power Course Method

“The Global Classroom”

I was born with a strong case of wanderlust. I spent many happy hours coursing through my mother’s large stack of National Geographic Magazines gazing at the amazing photos of distant places and cultures. Early on I felt a part of a vast community much larger than my hometown, city and state. Perhaps this is why when I began to develop M’Power, Inc, I immediately felt a calling to create something that would be accessible to people all across the globe.

The model for M’Power, Inc courses is developed from a formula that I designed to be both an enjoyable and effective approach for healing and becoming increasingly empowered.

How It Works:

  • M’Power, Inc Courses are either teleconferences, webinars (and in some cases), a combination of local attendees mixed with people skyping in from out of state.
  • Course classes meet twice a month for 2.5 to 3 hours, with a 45 minute individual check-in during the “off” weeks.
  • At the end of each class, everyone receives a personal assignment that has a collective theme, and is also customized for each individual.
  • There is a retreat component where people have the opportunity to integrate the material at an accelerated rate, as well as to have the chance to interact and work with myself and their fellow travelers in person.
  • Each course has a post retreat segment so that everyone has the additional time and support to incorporate the retreat experience into everyday life in such a way that it becomes a way of life.
  • Small class sizes of up to just 10 people so that the medicine that is generated is even more potent.
  • Individual coaching support is available after the course concludes, as well as the opportunity to continue developing and enhancing what you learned by attending other courses and workshops.

The Benefits of an M’Power, Inc Course

  • A powerful blend of individual attention and community focus.
  • The comfort that comes from knowing that you are a part of a group of people with similar challenges, goals and aspirations, while tending to the aspects that are uniquely you.
  • The gift of moving through your personal journey boosted by the well wishes and support from others in class, and the gift of giving others a boost with your encouragement and care.
  • Learn about topics and issues that affect people from all walks of life, as well as developing a personal understanding of how the course material accounts for the subtle nuances of your own life experience, personality and purposes that are unique to you.
  • Enjoy attending class from both the comfort of your own home or power spot, and in a community retreat setting.

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